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A Colorful Spring

To be eligible for Walkaloosa Registration your horse must meet the following critieria:

~ It must be the progeny of a registered Walkaloosa stallion and a registered Walkaloosa mare OR be a horse of verifiable Appaloosa and gaited horse blood. 

~ Be a horse showing Appaloosa coloring and demonstrating the ability to perform an intermediate gait other than the trot (such as rack, foxtrot, running walk, singlefoot, pace, etc.). The gait must be certified by a veterinarian or professional trainer on the application form, or you may send us a video of your horse gaiting.

~ Horses that do not show Appaloosa color characteristics in pictures taken from at least ten (10) feet, or that do not "gait," are eligible for identification (breeding purposes) papers only.


GENERAL IMPRESSION: Walkaloosa horses come in many shapes and sizes. The smooth natural gaits and colorful coat patterns make this wonderful animal unique.

HEAD: Eyes ringed with white sclera, large and kind, widely spaced. Profile may be straight or slightly dished. A coarse head or Roman nose is not desirable. Muzzle should be clean and fine. Skin may have mottling around eyes and/or lips.

NECK: Well set on the shoulders, medium to long in length. Throatlatch well defined; neck may be slightly arched.

FOREHAND: Sloping shoulders, good depth through the heart girth, moderately wide chest, well muscled, but not muscle bound. Withers should be well defined, but not pronounced.

BACK: Relatively short and strong.                                                            


CROUP: Slightly sloping. Tail well set and carried gracefully. Hip long and reaching.

LEGS: Straight, clean, and flat boned. Extreme fineness of bone is not desirable. Hooves striped, able to carry the horse’s weight.

SIZE: 13 to 17 hands. 14.2 to 15.3 hands being most typical. Weight 600 to 1,300 pounds. May be of a stout or a refined build.

COLOR: Coloring typical of that found in the Appaloosa. Patterns including, but not limited to Leopard, Blanketed, Roan, and Snowflake.

DISPOSITION: Gentle, kind, and willing. Suitable for amateurs.

USES: Outstanding pleasure and trail mounts. Used for field trials, pleasure riding, range work, cattle work, and the show ring.



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